Looking for some WordPress and WooCommerce related stuff? I got you covered! I'm Remi, nice to meet you.

Here is my blog, where I write from to time to time, where I give free snippets, where I share my skills. I work at Automattic, and guess what? We're hiring!

My latest posts

Create a Password Protected Directory

There are times when we need to protect our entire website or some directories on the website itself. There are…

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E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend – … [Fix]

I’m hosting a few websites for some friends and clients which most of them are running on Ubuntu.

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Set Date/Time Automatically from Google on Ubuntu 18

I’ve once had a problem on one of my Ubuntu 18 servers on timing not syncing from the internet. Use…

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Copy the SSH Key from Macbook Pro

As an enthusiastic developer, there are times when I need to collaborate with other people on projects that hosted in…

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Using rsync to Upload Large Files to the Remote Server

I once met a situation when I could not upload a large compressed css file to the remote server via…

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Fixed: Corrupt SQL file contains unicode characters

I happened to have my backup sql file which contains Unicode characters broken. This happened when I had just bought…

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Using Bootstrap 4.3.1 and Error Occurs When Triggering compass watch

Initially, when triggering the compass watch from my terminal the error occurs like below:

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Delete content of a file using Truncate

There are times when we need to remove content from a file from our server space. Especially, those unwanted log…

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